Ask Mama

Mama Karen , i had some questions on mother & daughter relationships .. I see ur u have an amazing relationship with ur daughters . I would give anything to have that but my momma is a hard headed lady to get along with. Im 22 years young planning to have babies soon , I would hate to act the way with my kids the way mother does to me .. What advice do u have to cope with this ? If u have any or can relate .. Love karly

If you don't have the type of relationship with your mom that you want, you can try to tell her how important it is to you and how you really feel, but you can't make her change. When it comes to parents, you get what you get. Not having the kind of relationship you desire with your mom has made you aware of how important it is to have a good mother daughter relationship and that has clearly inspired you to want to be a good mother. You are on the right track! Some mothers teach us what to do and others teach us what not to do. And yes, I can relate. I have very few photos from my youth. I would love to have photos of my many school activities. I don't have the photos, but I learned a valuable lesson. My husband and I have thousands of photographs of the children and our family. I drove my son crazy with the camera in his face constantly. I didn't care, I just kept telling him, "one day you will thank me."
You get what you get with parents but you create your own little family and give to them the things you longed for as a child. Learn your lessons and focus on the things you have control over and your cup will runneth over with love.
Mama Karen