My Story

the grandbabies



I’m Karen Parker, mother of three, grandmother of four. I’m married to the love of my life, Steve. We met relatively later in life and perhaps that is one of the many reasons we hold our love so dear. Like most women, I have had my share of heartache and made my share of mistakes. I don’t regret the heartache, because those experiences changed me and allowed me to grow. If you are going through a hard time I hope one day the hurt will give way to love as it did for me.








My children and their friends often ask me for advice. Please feel free to write me with your questions about love and relationships. I don’t have all the answers, but love to help when I can. Here’s a piece of advice I’ve often had to repeat.

Don’t try to win an argument.











my husband and i




My husband and I don’t argue. We have discussions about things, but NEVER argue. I didn’t even realize we didn’t have “fights” until it was pointed out to me. I suppose you can get used to harmony as much as you get used to disharmony. We may be used to it, but never take it for granted. (That’s my next piece of advice.)






If you win an argument, the person you love more than anyone in the world loses. Why would that feel good? I don’t want to win if it means my husband loses. I want to help resolve issues that may arise so we can both be happy with the results. Try and think about that the next time you and your significant other disagree on something. Don’t fight to win, fight for a solution where both of you can feel content.

 - Mama Karen