“Should I stay with someone who has been unfaithful?”

I’m going to keep this one short, Ya’ll. I have had many questions regarding staying in a relationship with someone who has been unfaithful. Firstly, I’m sorry this has happened and you are hurting. It won’t feel this way forever. Time really does heal wounds, if you let it.
I believe strongly that good people can make a very bad mistake and I believe in forgiveness.
I realize that doesn’t really answer your questions, but I can’t answer your question without knowing the answer to mine, “Is he a leopard?”

A leopard does NOT change his spots.

If you are with a leopard, he will not change. It’s pretty easy to figure out. Has he repeated the behavior or was this really a one-time thing?
I do NOT want to be with a leopard. That’s my choice. Not everyone is capable of loving the way we need to be loved, the way we should be loved. Some people believe they love the person they cheat on over and over again. That’s not who I want to be loved by, that’s not true love to me. That doesn’t necessarily make him a horrid person, it makes him a leopard and someone I have no tolerance for in my life. You must decide if you want to be with a leopard. I know it’s hard to leave, but in some cases it is more difficult to stay.

One last bid of advice, if you decide to stay, do not do so begrudgingly. Even better, don’t do anythingbegrudgingly.

Keep the faith, and keep believing in love.

Till next time.

Mama Karen