My "Secret" Recipe for Cajun Shrimp Pasta

My Cajun Shrimp Pasta recipe has now been featured (with Jess cooking it) on The Chew on ABC!!! Anytime I have ever cooked this, plates are licked clean and someone asks for the recipe. I'm including a photo of the recipe right from the cookbook I made as a gift to her when she got married. (note: I ask her not to share the recipe right there on the page of the book!) Don't worry, she did ask me for permission to cook it on The Chew because it's become her husband's favorite meal and I couldn't say "no." And, of course I wanted to share it right here on my blog for y'all. I truly hope you enjoy cooking, eating and sharing this dish with the people you love.
Pull your hair back and put on your fancy apron for this one.
Happy cooking.
Mama Karen